It never ceases to amaze me how the simplest of days can bring the most unexpected blessings. Thursday was one of those.

After finishing my story early, I left work to explore the beautiful September day that Minnesota had to offer.

This “exploration” took me to the quaint coffee shop in the heart of downtown Worthington. Aside from my vice, (coffee, did my theme give it away?) I got a large chocolate brownie with rich fudge and marshmallow icing. Did I mention I have a slight sweet tooth?

While enjoying this delicious treat, my heart of gold took over and I decided to share some with my mom. Well, she did buy it in the first place. Never mind that’s irrelevant. What is relevant, however, is that my heart truly is made of gold.

Anyways, if you remembered that I’m from Ohio and are now wondering why my mom was there selfishly eating my brownie, let me explain. She was able and ready for a new start, so she moved with me. Yes it’s crazy, I know. No I don’t need my “mommy” to keep me from getting homesick. OK, maybe a little. But seriously, she wanted to see some new sights, so she is. I wonder who I get my adventurous spirit from…

I promise I’m getting to the title:

Thanks to my mom’s “touristy” mindset, she browsed through her extensive collection of travel brochures and informed me there was a free movie playing in Luverne that night. Turns out this happens the first Thursday of the month at the Palace Theatre; I’ll give my mom your thanks. Better yet, I’ll keep it for myself. You’re welcome.

Anyways, with nothing better to do we decided to make the 30 minute drive to see “Radio”. This proved to be a trip well worth it.

The movie was great, an oldie but goodie. I was choked up fighting tears, while my mom let hers flow free. It touched my heart to hear kids laughing at the part where “Radio” sits in a shopping cart and rolls down the street. There’s something to be said about the sound of children’s laughter.

Now to the romance:

At the end of the movie, they draw a name and that person wins $50. I guess this is to carry on an old tradition, which was fine by me and everyone else in attendance. Despite me crossing my fingers, an older man won. While he was being handed the cash he laughed and said, “Here just give it to my wife.” The saying, “There’s no school like the old school” is very fitting. (Someone once told me that and I’ve always wanted to use it.)

The lucky gentlemen’s wife, crippled with age and walking with a cane, looked as sweet as she could be. As they headed toward the door, her husband walked right along her side. When they reached it, a few minutes later, I saw living proof that in fact, chivalry is not dead.

Without the slightest hesitation, he lifted his arm from her shoulder and held the door open for her. It was like his whole purpose for life was to do that one simple act, which he did to perfection. God made him for her, and she for him.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but it was a beautiful moment. Time stood still as I watched them walk out together. When they took their vows, two obviously became one.

If all I ever did was find that kind of time-tested love, I’d call life a ravishing success, wouldn’t you?

The moral of this story, aka blog, is to truly soak in your surroundings and maybe, just maybe, you too will find a moment where you breathe out a sigh of utter contentment and think to yourself-  Ahhhh…. so this is what it’s all about.

Here’s to that moment. Cheers and God bless.