Here I sit, alone at home on a Friday night writing my hardest blog yet. In three days, I’ll be moving to Grand Forks, N.D. to become a TV reporter.

You know how most girls grow up dreaming of the day they will marry prince charming? Well, cynical old Kayla took the road less traveled when it came to dreams. (That’s the first, and hopefully last time I’ll refer to myself in the third person.)

Back to dreams… mine centered on having a career in broadcast journalism. I would fantasize about all of the exciting places I’d get to travel and interesting people I would meet.

Flashback to the nice WARM month of August:

I got the best birthday present of my life, a journalism job in…wait for it….southwest Minnesota. My friends, family and I were ecstatic. After graduating from Ohio State in June, my full-time job had become finding a full-time job.

Hard to believe it’s now November. And I’m moving to North Dakota. Right before winter. What’s wrong with me? Rhetorical question.


When I got notice of the job opening at WDAZ, I struggled with the decision to apply since I had been here less than three months. I truly do love my work and this community. But, after talking with my family and praying about it, a question popped into my mind. It was strange, like one of those light bulb moments, and we all know I don’t have many of those.

Here’s the brilliant question: What would I do if I only had one more year to live?

The answer became clear. I realized I had nothing to lose. And honestly, how can God promote us to a new level in life if we are too scared to leave behind what we already have?

So, starting next week my childhood dreams become reality as I venture into the world of television news. It’s a strange feeling when you work so hard and so long for a goal… then just like that you get it and think NOW WHAT?!

Well, that’s where I’m at. Still in shock, nervous and anxious as can be, but knowing this is God’s will for my life. After all, He closes all the wrong doors and opens ones that no one can shut.

My thank you’s:

The first goes to you, the reader. What can I say, you are my livelihood.

Thank you everyone for being so welcoming and friendly to a new girl in town.

To my coworkers, you are all amazing, hilarious and talented. Thank you for accepting me and having such patience with a very slow writer!

Thank you to my editor for taking a chance on a fresh J-school graduate from the crazy Buckeye state. I’m confident my replacement will bring MUCH more talent to the newsroom than I ever did.

Thank you to my publisher for doing an unexpected favor when I first moved to town. I’ll never forget your kindness, or your great hair!

Thank you to everyone in the talented newsroom staff. I’ve learned so much from each of you. Please don’t laugh too hard if you watch my first couple of stories, and come visit!

Thank you to Mayor Al, Craig and all of city council. You were easy to track down, more than willing to answer my questions, and took the time to explain your complicated work to a simple-minded reporter.

Thank you to my new favorite coffeehouse/church Ben Lees. Your salads and hospitality are second to none.

Thank you to the kind readers who ever let me know that my blogs meant something to you. Words can’t say how much that will always mean to me. I know you didn’t have to read my work, let alone take the time to send a compliment. Just know all the glory goes to God for giving me the message to convey.

Thank you to all of you Minnesotans. My mom and I have never before experienced so many random acts of kindness and giving. We had no idea what to expect when we came here. Since then, we’ve walked right into blessings.

If I were to name each one of you who has impacted our lives, I would quickly run out of room.

Also, thanks to arriving in town before September, turkeys will always hold a special place in my heart. Better luck next year Paycheck!

It’s hard to believe I’ve crammed so many great memories and met countless amazing people in less than three months. I’ll never forget Worthington, and I promise to come back. (Sorry you ain’t rid of me yet…typed in my southern accent that y’all say I have.)

Take care and God bless. And since I couldn’t think of another place to put it in this post, I will end with a thank you for my newly acquired favorite expression:

You betcha.